Wednesday, September 7, 2022

2022 BGCEMS Summer Newsletter

BGCEMS had an amazingly successful summer and here's a look back! Make sure you click on the full page option and if you would like your own digital copy, you may download using this link: 2022 BGCESM SUMMER NEWSLETTER

Friday, September 2, 2022

bigLittleProductions w/DJ Trigger host Headphone Party at Westend

bigLittleProduction with DJ Trigger Host Headphone Party

bigLittleProductions along with DJ Trigger visited our West End Unit to host a Headphone Party with our club members. Club members were given headphones that can play three channels and the headphones glowed according to the channel. They could listen to DJ Trigger on the blue channel or choose to listen to different music on the other channels. This provided a way for a club member to be exposed to different music while having a great time with friends. 

You can follow bigLittleProductions on Instagram @bigLittleProductions

Watch the full video here: 

Seniors on the Move-BINGO!

Seniors on the Move-BINGO!

Thank you to our local Meridian seniors who came to Bingo this week. We saw a lot of new faces and that is wonderful. Seniors got a look at our 2022 Summer Newsletter which has a feature about their trip to Alabama with the Club earlier this year. They enjoyed a lunch served by staff as they enjoyed a drawing for prizes and bingo prizes which included houseware and essentials. We look forward to seeing everyone next time!

Developing and Dining Session at Velma Young

Thank you to Parkview Elementary for hosting the Boys & Girls Clubs of East Mississippi during their Developing and Dining Sessions held at the Velma Young Unit.

Monday, August 29, 2022

Welcome Back 2022!

 Welcome Back

We have officially started our Fall Program at BGCEMS! All the club members were really excited to be back at the Club!

West End Unit

Velma Young Unit